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Alumni Ambassadors are a community of former Club members and supporters who aspire to stay connected, network, and give back to Clubs and kids who need us most. Join Alumni Ambassadors to get involved, today!

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Alumni Ambassadors
Alumni Ambassadors represent a global network of former Club members and passionate supporters of Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama. The mission of the Alumni Ambassadors is to advance the development of Club alumni and enable all young people to reach their full potential. We are advocates, donors and champions for Clubs and youth. We serve as a peer network of support and resource for young Alumni transitioning into life beyond their local clubs. We’re launching this initiative in celebration of our 60th year of service to Mobile’s youth. Be a part of the community. Join Alumni Ambassadors today to connect, develop or give back!

Alumni Spotlight


Kelsey Marie Perine is a BGCSA Alumni and our 2016 & 2017 BCGSA Youth of the Year! Kelsey recently graduated from Southern University Summa Cum Laude with full honors and a 4.0 GPA.

During her undergraduate studies, she was the co-student marshal, participated in 5 internships, and held 8 leadership positions – including serving as the Chief Justice in SGA. She successfully defended her honors thesis on the impacts of the Shelby Decision on minority electoral access, and was accepted into 5 law school programs with a 5-star recruit rating!
Congratulations, Kelsey, for choosing to attend the University of Alabama’s School of Law this fall. We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments!

Meroe Williams was our Hollingers’ Island BGC Branch Director and a former Club kid!

Meroe grew up in the Wake Forest Boys & Girls Club in Wake Forest, North Carolina. She really enjoyed being active in her Club, she especially loved playing dodgeball and running track with her team.
Today, Meroe is a Coast Guard wife with two dogs, and she loves to be outside and physically active. She is competitive, hard-working, and always ready to try a new restaurant. Lastly, she is passionate about saving our planet, and she stays conscious of her actions to be more sustainable/eco-friendly.
Over the years, the Boys & Girls Club taught Meroe many great lessons, including that “you should try everything once, because if you don’t, you could be cheating yourself out of something great.”

Moshae Donald Walker is one of our Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama alumni! 

Moshae is a native of Mobile, Alabama, specifically from the Toulminville community. She attended the Kiwanis Branch and in 2019 was honored with the prestigious Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama Distinguished Alumni Award. She is the owner and founder of the Law Office of Moshae Donald. 

“The Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama gave me the support and love that I needed when my life could have gone a completely different direction. Mentors and advocates who welcomed me with open arms, affirmation, and accountability saved me in ways they probably did not know.”

Moshae received her B.S. in Elementary Education from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University and graduated summa cum laude. Thereafter, she earned her Juris Doctor from Vanderbilt University. 

Moshae is currently active with the ICU Mental Health Program and Legal Services. In 2019, Moshae was showcased on the front cover of the Mobile Bay Magazine’s Mobile’s Top 40 Under 40 edition. 

Zachary Todd is our Senior Torch Club Advisor, a National Boys & Girls Club trainer, and a Club Alumni!
Zach is a lifetime Club member who attended the Roger Williams Boys & Girls Club from 6 years old until he graduated at 18! Zach exclaimed, “As a kid, I loved everything the Club had to offer; we did so many activities and went on so many adventures that there was always something to do!” Zach appreciated the incredible staff at his site, especially the former Unit Director, Mervin Thomas. “Mervin Thomas is the reason I am a Boys & Girls Club staff member today; he really changed my life.”
In addition to impacting young lives at BGCSA, Zach is currently a Sergeant in the Army National Guard, where he has served for over nine years, and he is a Big Brother for @Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Alabama.
Zach attributed BGCSA for teaching him necessary life skills like time management, organization, adaptability, and leadership!
Meet Hailey, a BGCSA Club alumni and a current Police Cadet with the Mobile Police Department.
Hailey attended the Semmes Boys & Girls Club from ages 7 to 18, and she created many childhood memories at her Club. She remembers the staff being so kind, understanding, and driven to succeed! She also learned a lot from her involvement in many groups, activities, and meeting people from diverse backgrounds.
While working with the Mobile Police Department, Hailey intends to progress through the police academy to become an investigator for our community!
Hailey says, “The Boys & Girls Clubs make sure everyone is happy and having fun while also learning in a great environment. The Club has taught me that opportunity is everywhere. I was able to get experiences and opportunities that led my path into adulthood. The Boys &Girls Clubs was like a second home to me. I learned that no child is too big, and no child is too small. We all have room to grow and develop. The Club has taught me that mistakes happen, but we excel, and we learn through exposure and experience. Lastly, the Club has taught me to enjoy everything life hands to you because there should never be a dull moment when you are having fun!”
Tiffany Pogue
Tiffany Pogue served as our Club Media Specialist and Social Media Director and she is doing #WhateverItTakes for our community.
Her infectious smile and willing spirit are evident through her work at the Boys & Girls Club South Alabama. She kept the public informed of BGCSA activities through e-newsletters, social media posts, videos, and photography.
Her candid shots capture the successes of Club kids creating memories and taking their studies and confidence to greater heights by participating in programs with assistance from Club staff.
Tiffany says. “I was a member of Kiwanis Boys & Girls Club, and participating in programs such as Keystone, Torch Club, No Limits Girls Aviation, Gavel Club, and photography club changed my life. I became outgoing, determined, and community-oriented.”
That determination pushed her to graduate high school, obtain an associate’s degree from Bishop State Community College, and graduate with her Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Alabama. She’s also the owner of Creatif Shots, 2023 intern with Africatown Heritage Housse, and works for the Alabama Contemporary Arts Center.
Meet Autumn, a BGCSA Club Alumni and a current Nursing Major at the University of South Alabama.
Autumn attended our Sonny Callahan Branch from adolescence until she graduated from high school. Autumn was always a shy kid and reserved kid, but after interacting with everyone at the Club, she became much more confident in herself. During her years as a Club kid, she found a liking to helping people in whichever way she could. This has inspired her to major in Nursing so that she can be of service to people in her community. Outside of being a student, Autumn is a mentor to our Club youth at our Sonny Callahan Branch. As a program assistant, she spreads positivity through programs like Smart Girls, Power Hour, and much more.
Autumn says, “The Boys & Girls Club taught me to always be kind and helpful. You never know someone’s background or what kind of day they are having, and you could be that positivity that they need in that moment or that day. Life is too short to be spent being hostile towards each other.”
Meet William Burks IV, a BGCSA Club Alumni, a graduate of Talladega College and a graduate student at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. 

William grew up in our Optimist Branch and received many different opportunities to get involved with the community, envision his future, and develop leadership skills. William says, “You are gifted so many different opportunities just by being a club member. My Boys & Girls Club had the tools to help me succeed. I learned that when I would apply myself, great things would follow. Looking back at all the positive and uplifting people and moments that I was able to experience at the Club, I am just so thankful.”

As a student at Talladega College, William employed the lessons he learned at his Club to take every opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. He achieved many outstanding accomplishments during that pivotal time in his life. William has done extensive research in biology, even being awarded the opportunity to present his research projects at a many STEM conventions and conferences across the nation! He is currently in graduate school at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Please help us congratulate William on his incredible accomplishments! We can’t wait to see how his #GreatFuture continues to unfold.

Gerald “Gee” Archard is one of our Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama alumni! He worked as a program assistant in our Club.

Gee grew up at the Kiwanis Boys & Girls Club and is a lifelong Club member. He returned to our organization this summer to gain experience in his field of study and to be a positive influence on youth in our community.
We would like to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Gee for being selected a master’s candidate! We are proud of you and all that you have and will accomplish.