All in the family: Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama attracts legacy families

Memories from one’s childhood are often recalled by viewing photos, hearing words or phrases, or being asked about specific experiences. Cecelia Hawkins, a Club alumna and parent to Club kid Julian recalled sweet memories from her childhood with Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs while sharing her experience as a parent of a Club kid.

Interestingly, her experiences as a Club alumna to a parent of a Club kid are parallel. “My siblings and I loved going to the Club after school,” Hawkins says. “We participated in sports and various activities, and I learned how to swim and play Volleyball at the Club.”


She shares memories of her brother playing football at the Club and her sister being a homecoming court member and parading around the neighborhood throwing candy. “We never had to worry about being hungry if you were at the Club,” Hawkins says. “The cook always provided meals and snacks.” 

Enrolling her son Julian was a full-circle moment knowing he would be under the care of dedicated staffers and Coach Carlis Timmons, who teaches those same life lessons she taught her as a youth. She was equally impressed with programs encouraging academic success, good citizenship, and various forms of artistic expression.

Hawkins further explains her son took an interest in the Club music program, where they recorded a song and created beats and adlibs. The program has inspired Julian to become a musician, according to Hawkins.


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