Camp Chandler-Tonsmeire


Camp Chandler-Tonsmeire - Pool

2701 Shelton Beach Road Ext. Mobile, AL 36618


We teach your kids to swim! In a county that is over 25% water, we want to make campers as drown-resistant as possible. We also teach them simple rescue techniques to help others while not placing themselves at risk. Yes, we use the pond, but campers like to see what’s in the water with them.

Instead of hiding out indoors with the air conditioning, our campers lounge in the cool waters of our pool. Swimming is one of the best ways campers beat the heat on a hot day. The pool also allows us to teach skills that are the gate way to other water sports like snorkeling, scuba, surfing, kayaking, and Canoeing. It’s also healthy.

According to the American Heart Association, swimming activities that last for about 30 minutes every day can benefit the heart, lungs, and circulation. A swimming pool  has other benefits too, including a  workout that improves joints, muscles, and heartbeat. The campers will sleep better than they ever have before.

In addition to health and safety benefits of the skills taught at the pool, the pool is fun.