Camp Chandler-Tonsmeire


Camp Chandler Tonsmeire Farmstead

2701 Shelton Beach Road Ext. Mobile, AL 36618

Farmstead Creativity and Imagination Center

Arts and craft activities give kids a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence. Kids get to try new things and also develop their “self-regulation skills” (e.g., when waiting for paint or glue to dry). This helps them develop patience, taking turns, sharing resources which all kids need help with!  Each child may have their own scissors and glue stick, but taking turns on the drill press is an economical necessity.

Our activities at the farmstead enhance children’s hand-eye co-ordination and builds levels of manual dexterity. Working with materials teaches them about colors, shapes and textures, as well as how things work and how they fit together. Craft encourages children to play and experiment in a fun and relaxed environment.

“What if” is a frequent question at the Farmstead. What if I try this? What if I change, modify, edit, delete, alter, add, tape, glue, bend, or fold. The kids earn problem-solving skills such as when green rockets are hard to see when they get stuck in the trees. Can we use red or orange paper for our fuselages instead?

Sometimes we use art kits to create an established project, and other times we go into nature and find some of our materials in the wild. Either way, creating is always fun.